To provide mutually beneficial business opportunities to teachers and therapists intending to wake up, inspire and assist those ready to help themselves, thereby healing the teacher, in turn, as the paradoxical student!



1) If you are thinking about having your mail (letters and statements) sent to Holistic Light House, I would suggest that you consider having it mailed to your home or PO BOX as there is a lot of activity at the center, and I cannot guarantee you will receive your mail.
2) Holistic Light House is not equipped to receive packages and would prefer if you make other arrangements.


1) Please make it a practice to check the Roseville Chamber of Commerce Calendar at http://rosevillechamber.com/ and also www.DowntownRosevilleEvents.com to ensure that a city event won’t disrupt you with street music and/or traffic/street closures.
2) If Vernon Street or Grant Street is blocked off for an event, instruct clients to park in free parking garage via Oak Street. I’m not responsible for interruptions out of my control.


1) All Part-time and Full-time offices are set up on 30 day terms. This is my personal policy to ensure that renters can freely come and go as they feel moved to do so. I have had renters that have leased for years in case you feel unsure about this policy.
2) Deposit is equal to one month rent and is refunded with any other prorated funds after your move out within 7 days. When you give your 30 day notice to vacate, your rent is still due and should be paid on time.
3) Rent is due on the first of each month with a grace period of 5 days.
4) $25 late fee will be applied for EACH day that you are tardy with payment calculated from the 6th of the month until paid.
5) You will be evicted from the room after 15 days of no payment and deposit will be kept to cover your late fees and past due rent.
6) A 3-day notice of eviction will be sent to you via the email address and mobile number that I have on file. It is your responsibility to update me with new contact information.
7) I am not responsible for your personal items that are left after eviction. Be sure to collect them prior to notice of eviction.
8) I reserve the right to ask anyone to leave with no notice if I feel boundaries, policies or standards are not met. I will return deposit, less any damages and rent still due.


1) Payment is due day of service. NO EXCEPTIONS!
2) Please see Payment Instructions further down on this page for more information.
3) If you do not adhere to this standard, you will be asked to pay for your room when you schedule it using the online payment service which incurs a 3% administration fee in addition to the cost of the room.
4) You will be asked to return the key to the property in your possession if you do not adhere to the standards and policies set forth with no notice. I am not responsible for your personal items that are left after eviction. Be sure to collect them prior to departure.
5) Scheduling hourly rooms is necessary to utilize them.  If you are deficient utilizing a computer to schedule appointments, please do not rent from Holistic Light House.


Due to the increased interest to rent an office or classroom by the hour, I must reinforce the following cancellation policies to see to it that everyone is fairly treated. Please do not ask me for an exception.


a)  If you do not give a 24-hour notice, you still owe the entire fee for the room whether you use it or not. Most people require this of their clients too and charge them a fee for short notice.  No exceptions. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THE CLASSROOM – SEE BELOW)

2) ***CLASSROOM***

a)  No cancelations are permitted AND no refunds extended to PURPLE ROOM reservations. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO OFFICES – SEE ABOVE)
b)  Payment is due within 5 days of the day that you schedule the room (NOT 5 DAYS FROM THE EVENT DATE), or your reservation will be removed. NO EXCEPTIONS
c)  You are permitted to schedule as far in advance as you can afford with the understanding that there are no refunds. The only exception to no refund policy is that if I cannot fulfill my obligation to provide the room, then you will be refunded in full for that time period. If you schedule regular monthly events, I will be setting you up with a monthly fee. Please see me to arrange. You must have a good track record to be able to earn this.
d) This is designed to support those who are eager to schedule their classes and keep their reservations so that they have priority in these cases. This will weed out those who are just “saving the date” but not keeping the reservation to make it available for those who do. Hope this helps all of you be more effective in scheduling your events.


1) Unlock front right door to open. This must remain unlocked while you are working (fire code). Please lock up if you are the last person to leave, adjust thermostats and turn off all lights.
2) Sometimes it is difficult to know whether you are the last person in the building to close and lock up.  Please always err towards closing rather than leaving the place unlocked.
3) Please be sure to check if you are the last person, even if it is only morning or afternoon.
4) Specific Instructions are included here to open and close properly.


1) Turn on Light switch (the one not taped) to turn on doorway sconces.
2) Red Reception room lamps (NO OVERHEAD FLOURESCENT LIGHTS PLEASE) must be turned on upon entry to include waiting room music. To do so, please turn on spider pack located to the left of the bookshelves near floor. Turning that pack on turns on/off the music, two lamps and shelf lighting. Please manually turn on the lamp located by big mirror above the red sectional.
3) By the hallway sink is a light switch for the hallway lights (OVERHEAD FLUORESCENTS ARE OK HERE).
4) Restroom hallway light is located in the hallway with the mini kitchen.
5) Hallway to the right of entrance (vending machine area) has a light-switch hidden behind the event here arrow sign (don’t turn on taped switch)
6) Hourly Therapy Rooms and Offices: Please turn on/off lamps so that they are illuminated properly.
7) I recommend only using the lamps in the Purple Room for your demos, meetings or classes as this type of lighting promotes better learning & relational connection. Florescent lights close people down, but this is left to your discretion. The light switches are by the outside door entrance that is to remain locked.


1) There are 2 thermostats. 1 in the hallway by the sink, 1 in purple room entrance hallway.
Set these to:

  • WINTER: Open set to 72 & leaving to 67.
  • SUMMER:  Open set to 72 leaving to 76



1) NO personal belongings are to be left. Personal items may be left at your own risk in cupboards in the hallway or in the storage room located within the Purple Room.
2) HOURLY & WEEKLY RENTERS: RETURN the room back to the way you found it. If you borrow a pillow or chair for your session from storage (NEVER FROM COMMON AREAS), please return them. If you raise a shade in the window, return it to a uniform position.
3) Respect others. Please control the volume of your sessions and please remind your clients to refrain from talking in the hallways.
4) No incense or burning of sage. Candles are permitted but not to be left in office.
5) Follow opening and closing procedures.
6) Please drop your payment in the black mail box located on my office door located in the Red Room before leaving the building.
7) DO NOT borrow chairs, lamps, pillows or belongings from the common areas. They are to stay as they are.
8) It is ESSENTIAL to leave your room on time. Someone may be right after you!


1) Please leave the room set up in a manner that is symmetrical and can be shown to potential new tenants.
2) Please take into consideration set-up time when booking. There may be someone ending right before you commence. Also be on time leaving your room.
3) You may announce your meeting on my meet up group. Please text me or instructions or see below.
4) To announce your meet-up on my site, you must first join it and then text me that you would like to become an event organizer in order to be given permission to create your advertisement at 512-694-3333.
5) When using the projector, the pole to bring down the screen is located in the front of the room behind the lamp. The remote is on the oblong table and the cords under it. Mac or Tablet users must bring an adaptor for the HDMI hook up.  Moderate speakers are available using your phone or just use your computer via the HDMI and they will automatically start. Please return these as listed here.
6) If your group eats at your meeting, please take the trash out to the dumpster and replace bag. Bags are on top of the refrigerator in the storage room or under the hallway sink.



a) Rent is due on the first. Late after the 5th of the month
b) Rent received after the 5th of the month will be charged an additional $25 per day
c) All contracts are on 30 day terms to terminate; you must give 30 days notice to leave.
d) All weekly and monthly renters must provide a refundable deposit equal to monthly rent in addition to first month rent to move in or commence.
e) If you fall behind in rent you will be asked to vacate the property according to the policies written above.
f) Return check fee is $25
g) Checks payable to me only:  Samantha Geiger, MA


a) $140 refundable deposit required to get key and scheduling rights
b) When renting hourly, payment is due day of service. No exceptions.
c) Checks payable to me only:  Samantha Geiger, MA
d) Drop in the black mail box located on my personal office door in the Red Room
e) Cash is ok too. There are envelopes located on door.  Please write your name and date of service on your envelopes to ensure it is received and recorded.
f) Credit Cards, Venmo and PayPal are accepted, however, there is an additional 3% added to PayPal payments, credit cards or debit cards to cover admin fee. PayPal goes to shudson3333@gmail.com or text me to handle by phone at 512-694-3333.
g) My home address to mail payments if you prefer online banking:
Samantha Geiger
8992 Water Song Circle
Roseville, CA 95747


1) The Holistic Light House Meet-up web page can be accessed by going to www.meetup.com/HolisticLightHouse
2) If you are scheduling an event at Holistic Light House or you are a full-time renter, you are permitted to advertise on the meet-up calendar within the guidelines outlined on this page.
3) Please join the Meet-Up group.  Then, please send me a text to (512) 694-3333 stating that you wish to become an event organizer. I will change your rights so you can post.
4) FULL-TIME TENANTS: Permitted one post per month detailing your specialty and specials.  This is best done via the “email group” selection rather than a calendar event.
5) EVENTS HELD AT HOLISTIC LIGHT HOUSE: Authorized personnel can post their event on the calendar. The Meet-Up site will send reminders to participants. No “group emails” are permitted unless given specific authorization from me.
6) EVENTS NOT HELD AT HOLISTIC LIGHT HOUSE: are permitted to be advertised for $25 and only after I give specific authorization that the content complies with our genre.
7) Please don’t take liberties.  I will ask you to discontinue.


Join Holistic Light House’s Meet Up Group and structure an event to get noticed!
  • Text me at 512-694-3333 so that I can go online and make you an event organizer.
  • You are permitted to advertise if you are leasing the Purple Classroom.
  • If you are a full-time renter, you are permitted one monthly special advertisement per month.
  • You can lease space at Holistic Light House (http://www.holisticlighthouse.com/) for a class/free demonstration to market your particular specialty to our community.
  • Feel free to market it through other local meet-up groups too if they will allow it.
WellBeing Resource is an Online and Magazine publication that I use from time to time.

Jill Bernard is the contact there. Her number is 916-538-9355. Tell her Samantha sent you over. You can publish with her in her physical publication or her web one.

Therapist Exchange

A resource for local mental health people – You can post workshops here and continued education courses.

Therapy Tribe is $20 per month to market yourself there.
Other Marketing Ideas:

Psychology Today; Living Social; Google Ads; Yelp; Groupon; Planet Earth Rising sends out electronic emails and has a store in Folsom; Everlasting gifts sends out electronic emails and has a store in Roseville; Money Mailer; Value Pack; Other Meet-Up Groups; Craigslist

Questions?  Text me, Samantha at 512-694-3333 In case of an emergency, please call my number above or my husband, Peter 916-474-0883